South Zeal Carnival

23.10.11 - A fantastic day yesterday and we really need to thank everyone who helped out behind the scenes marshalling, judging, doing the teas and all the rest. Fantasic to see so many floats making it over, not to mention all the walkers too. A great 'summers-day' and fabulous children's parade too. Thankyou all and here's to 2012.

05.10.11 – As if having a recession wasn’t bad enough, now float entries are being affected by the red-diesel malarkey. Heck !! Anyway, preparations are all well under way (and going well) for the rest of the day .. we’ve even managed to get hold of a few small fairground rides for the kiddies. Now to drum up a bvit of support for the street market and promote the Show and Scarecrow Competition and we should just about be ready ….

19.09.11 - Good fun at the Seven Stars on Thursday so thanks to Donna for hosting the fundraiser there and we hope everyone who came enjoyed themselves. Now it's the countdown to the big day .... how many children can get making entries in the show is the big question .......

09.06.11 - Well, we certainly had the weather this year which brought out a good number of car-boots and doggies for the show which was a great little fundraiser so thanks to all who took part and to Pam from Northlake Kennels for judging again this year. Now we have to whip up some support for the Olympics later this month ...

11.04.11 - Having written to 30 local pubs to drum up support for an 'Inter Pub Olympics' evening is is disappointing that we had NO replies ! Now it's open to all so all hands to the pumps for a big advertising push ....

24.01.11- The AGM is coming and we hope, as ever, for lots of support. Even if you don't want to join the committee it's worth coming along if you have a useful suggestion or good idea and, we're allways on the lookout for helpers and volunteers who wouldn't mind helping out with the running of the occasional event during the year. I anyone knows where there's a local field or yard in the village where we could hold a small children's fun-fair please get in touch.


23.10.10- Well, the big day has come and , almost, gone (2am as we write) but, the general feeling is that - in spite of some very dodgy weather forecasts - the day was a 'goodun'. Be rest-assured details of the day will follow just as soon as we can after half-term.

07.10.10 - 'Show' entry forms, rules and the cake recipe have been posted as PDFs on the 'South Zeal Show' tab to download. Float Entry Forms will follow.

22.09.10 - with a small tweak to the organised events please note that the TV Quiz has been re-scheduled for Saturday 9th October. Primarilay because of it's proximity to a previuosly arranged quiz on 26th September. Apologies for that but we hope to see you there on the new date. (Don't forget to book (840946) so we can order the right number of pasties !!)

02.09.10 - Well done for Vinnie And Anya for being this year's prince and Princess. The hunt continues for the 2010 Carnival Queen so if you know someone or would like to know more please get in touch.

17.08.10 - We've ot the confirmed names of this year's Prince and Princess (To be announced in September!). Now, who wants to volunteer as Carnival Queen for 2010 .... ?

23.07.10 - What a terrific evening the kids disco was. About 50 crazy 11-and-unders having a whale of a time. Where on earth did all those glow-sticks go ? It has to be said that this event is definitely growing in popularity and is a great contribution to the Carnival. This year the treasure-hunt and dog-show were slightly marred by weather and event clashes but on the up-side we do have events like this that really help rally the motivation of the committee.

 We have a pretty good idea who the Prince and Princess are going to be … but, it’s a secret just for now !! Preparations are under way for the big day with the road closure now applied for, one band booked (to date) and the majorettes. Two or three whispers of floats from within the village and a bit of gentle cajoling for more. The ‘Show’ categories are freely available (contact us if you’d like one/an entry form) so, things seem to be on track.


1st June 2010 : The weather did it's best to conspire against us but a spot of heavy 'mizzle' didn't deter us. Half a dozen or so car-booters turned up, the barbecue went ahead (thanks to Vicky M for the loan of the barbecue) and dogs … loads of them. The judge was Pam, from Northlake Kennels, and she did a stirling job. Prizes – arranged by Andy W – really made the 60p entry fee a bargain with bowls, chewy things and bags of dog-food abounding. Still have to have a final tally up to see what we raised and Robin T took a bunch of pictures so, please look out for another update on the Dogshow here.

24th May 2010 : Many thanks to The Devonshire Inn, Sticklepath, for your donation to the Carnival - contact details on 'sponsors' tab.

20th May 2010 : We are grateful to local medieval mystery author Mike Jecks for donating a set of 2007 carnival pictures to the site. By way of recompense here is where you can find his website : Thanks Mike!

13th May 2010 We are very grateful to the Kings Arms, South Zeal for their offer of 20% off the price of food purchased there for all participants in the evening procession of this year's carnival. Thanks Steve and Brid. Please contact us or the Kings (01837 840300) for more information. Terms and conditions apply!

20th April 2010 The show categories have been finalised and can be see on the 'South Zeal Show' tab, above.

27th March 2010 : Great fun at the Children's Disco with over 60 of the little revellers enjoying games & running around - with some even dancing!

12th March 2010 : Main points from yesterday's Committee Meeting : Planning is well under way for the popular Children's Disco on 26th March (see poster tab). We're trying to pull together a list of previous Royalty (with photos) for the website and have quite a few names to start with. Carnival has had up to 24 floats in the evening procession in the past and we have a push on to get more entries this year. Carnivals last year seemed lacking for floats generally so we're proposing to form a circuit with a couple of local carnivals too, with our own unique trophy. Also, 'Trade' entries are lacking so we'll try and get in touch with local companies. Wet weather provision is a nightmare for South Zeal Carnival - we've looked at the option of hiring marquees but it's way too expensive. Purchase of marquees can be cheap but insurance costs are as much as hiring. Alternative venues are being sought in the village. Drumming up community support for the Carnival remains a priority. This year we will produce pamphlets and get sponsors on board early.

16th February 2010 : Carnival AGM had a low turnout but we are pleased to welcome Joy on board. Donna and Jeremy now share the post of Secretary to the committee  with Dave remaining as treasurer and Dawn retaining the post of Chairman. Including the committee, South Zeal Carnival now has a core of 13 members. Next meeting to be 11th March to sort events for the year.

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