How to improve the car without spending so much: what can I move

There are ways to improve the car without spending rivers of money. See the top tips to make your car look better and better and check out where to find sound equipment, such as the JBL trio box, over the internet.

Tips for moving your car without spending too much:

Parking sensors

The sensors provide security and make the car more practical when parking. Some devices already have up to 4 sensors and panel with graphic LED display, which also helps to compose the look of the car.


Regardless of your style, there is certainly electrical equipment to leave the car with your face. There are neons, xenon headlights and LEDs to perfect the car.

Those looking for a different look can invest in LED rings, which are coupled very close to the headlights, offering a unique illumination without requiring much financial investment.

Now, those looking for more flashy options can bet on neon filaments, which can be placed in various parts of the car.

Vehicle Dock Headset

Devices that allow you to answer the cell phone inside the car offer safety and convenience. Through Bluetooth involved in this technology, you can talk to your smartphone without having to take your hands off the wheel.

Vehicle Multiplier

People are increasingly connected and the smartphone is the main vehicle for access to social networks. Running out of battery power can be a big problem while traveling, not to mention that other mobile devices, such as tablets and GPS, must also be recharged.

Through the vehicle multiplier, it is possible to multiply the car's 12V output and allow up to 4 devices to be connected at the same time to the vehicle's only lighter.

Car Sound

For those who like to drive or spend a lot of time in the car, the passion for car sound is soon awakening.

You need to choose the best car speakers to ensure clean sound and a little power as well. This requires information and pieces of good origin.

External sound system 

Most people who want to invest in a car stereo are looking for ways to play music at a high volume without losing quality, that is, without the sound "popping".

If you're looking for a bigger voice, you should invest in horn drivers and super tweeters with bass power ranging from 5% to 10%.

It is also possible to guarantee the volume intensity in the bass of the songs, for that, it is necessary to bet on external systems that reach frequencies between 40 and 150 Hz.

Internal Sound Systems

There are also several sound options for those who want to listen to music without losing volume quality. Those who want to value the bass well can bet on the 8 ”, 10”, 12 ”and 15” Subwoofers.

It is essential to look for equipment made of good materials that have rubberized cones that are reliable.

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